Mad because you have to do your job.

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The microwave has been increasingly disgusting the past few weeks. Some individuals are cooking food without a covering and then leaving food splattered on the inside.  There have been several complaints about this.
If you are cooking food in the microwave, have the courtesy of placing plastic wrap (lower cupboard) or a paper towel over the food to prevent the food from splattering.  It isn’t very appetizing or appealing for others to have to see or deal with crusty food splattered all over.  Not to mention the disgusting odor that is created by the food being left.   NO ONE wants to see, or smell, left over crusty lunch.   In the case that food does splatter or spill then WIPE it OUT immediately!  It is easier to wipe it out when it is fresh then when it is hours/days old!!!
The use of the kitchen area comes with the responsibility of cleaning up after yourself.   Think about OTHERS who have to use the area after you and be sure to keep the kitchen appliances and kitchen area clean!  Everyone working here is an adult and shouldn’t have to be reminded to clean up after themselves.
Those who have made the extra effort to help keep the kitchen area clean  (you know who you are) – THANK YOU !   I, and others, have noticed and it is greatly appreciated! 

Two For One

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Guy1: Thats two girls that you’ve dated and have gotten married
Good Luck Chuck in real life?

Guy2: technically i didnt date either of them

Guy1: haha
he didn’t date them either

Guy2: that list is a lot longer than those two

Guy1: I’m sure it is
but those are the ones we know
and their both chinese

Guy2: im sure the next guy they meet after me is such a breathe of fresh air they marry em

Guy1: haha

Guy2: im just happy theyre out there slumming it with me for a little bit

Guy1: sounds like a tag line to a solid business plan to me

Guy2: if its not broken then dont fix it

Guy1: in my best J.Peterman – How do you do it man?

Sent at 2:14 PM on Thursday
Guy2: false hope

Guy1: that would be a good t-shirt

Guy2: well you cant let them know

Guy1: so it should be on the inside tag
even better

Guy2: lol exactly

Papa was a Kidney Stone

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My ‘probable kidney stone’ is really bugging me this morning, so I’m going to double-up the pain killer, and sit still for a bit.

If I get to feeling mobile later, I’ll come in. Even if I don’t, I get through the rest of my e-mail here in a little bit.

I don’t know about tomorrow, since I’m going in for ultrasound early in the morning. The outcome of that will determine the course of the day, and I may or may not be in.



You like me more!

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The beach was awesome. It was so fun to hang out with my family.  I did miss Emily and Leilani.  Gavin is so cute, he kind of like us but loves his mommy.    It is funny though, he let Sarah hold him and she looked so proud of herself.  As did my mom, but when Soomee is around he would rather be held by her.  Joey and I think he is just toying with us.  My trick is to find someone he like less so he likes me more.

If it’s green they’ll like it.

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ya. and she likes bacon

Guy2 says:
so you know she puts out

i thought it was only chicks who smoke put out?

Guy2 says:
they can like bacon too


vegetarians freak me out

Guy2 says:
well they like cucumbers

Guy2 says:
just paint your dick green

they seem anti protein so swallowing is out f the question

plus they are probably always hungry and you run a high risk of them biting a chunk out of it

Guy2 says:
they do like their carbs

Stoned – Kidney Stoned…

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I had another kidney stone late last night, and so didn’t get much sleep. So, I’m going to take another pain pill and go back to bed, rather than coming in.

Depending on how awake I am around noon, I may be able to come in later. Not sure of that, however.


Listening may cause

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Girl says:
so pandora
Girl says:
im using it for the first time
Girl says:
im kind of diggin it
Guy says:
slept on it that long
Girl says:
Girl says:
little new edition, silk, swv
Girl says:
im lovin it
Girl says:
keith sweat
Girl says:
hi five
Girl says:
im in heaven
Girl says:
by the time im done listening to this i might be pregnant